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Software Localization

Providing translation services is a big job, and it’s one we take very seriously. Not only do we offer basic translation services, we can also help you reach a global audience with our software and application services.

Diction Cloud can localize your software with our language translation services by translating the text and modifying the software itself to ensure it can be used by global consumers. This enables your software to conform to different cultures and languages, making for a better customer experience.

The first step in software localization is translating the user interface strings. Our developers take their time to address issues in the source language so they don’t become part of the final software.

The second step involves our giant Translation Memory (TM) database. Our global language translation team refers to the TM to guarantee uniformity of the translation throughout the software.

The last step is assembling the code to create a finished product. Our specialized team of native speakers tests the linguistics to make sure that your software operates smoothly across languages, operating systems, browsers, and devices.

We’re Ready to Localize Your Next Software